U.S. Dept. of Defense Improves Patient Self-Management

84% of patients said SmarteXp™ helped them take better care of their children 

The Defense Health Agency hired Deloitte to independently assess the impact of UbiCare’s SmarteXp™ patient engagement solution on expectant and new military families. 

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Among the findings:

  • 84% of patients said that the solution helps them take better care of their children

  • 76% said that it helps them better care for themselves

  • 74% said it strengthens their connection to their hospital

Results were even more significant for minority populations.

Patients say:

“These emails have been a lifeline of information and connection. Just when my son starts a new phase, I can read and learn what to do, almost like clockwork. I don't know how they get to the most relevant concern, but they do and it's amazing!”  

“I love the emails, makes me feel more confident about how I’m taking care of my child and it also talks about how a child at my child’s age should be acting ..."