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 UbiCare's SmarteXp® patient engagement solution impacts your top cost of care concerns including hospital readmissions, discharge destination, length of stay and satisfaction. Connect throughout the entire episode of care to educate, energize and monitor patients more efficiently and consistently than ever before.

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Healthcare organizations using SmarteXp® find:
  • 90% of patients feel more connected to their hospitals
  • 85% are able to take better care of themselves
  • 83% feel better prepared for appointments
  • 86% feel more confident to manage their care
Clinical outcomes include: 
  • 54% reduction in day of surgery cancellations 
  • 45% reduction in discharge to skilled nursing facilities, with patients going home to recover instead
  • 24% reduction in Emergency Department visits 
  • 15.8% reduction in readmissions
  • 6.5% reduction in average length of stay
You can get up and running in a matter of days with patient activation technology you can control and customize at any time. Join the innovators driving value-based care by reaching patients outside the hospital walls.